Managed Application Services

At Enterprise Science Application Solutions Inc (ESAS), we understand the importance of planning the production, its implementation, and cut-over as well as planning prolonged support and managing the technology solution… more>>

Without taking the risk of hiring an in-house developer, get all the advantages of expert technical resources! We offer all the expertise you require as a monthly subscription package for your ongoing process of development and maintenance. Best of all, you will have regular contact with out experts who know your needs, goals and objectives.

At Enterprise Science Application Solutions Inc (ESAS), by providing regular application management services, we assist our clients through an integrated procedure for their operations, application maintenance, and enhancements covering the business communications, system maintenance, infrastructure system operations, management of vendor, and quality assessment tasks. 

Adapting to managed services is meant to be an effective way to stay updated on recent technologies, have an approach to expertise, and control cost-related issues, service quality, and risks. As the IT infrastructure comprises of numerous SMB and major corporations are moving to the cloud, and MSPs (managed services providers) continuously facing challenges of cloud computing, many MSPs are now offering cloud services of in-house categories or playing the role of brokers for providers of cloud services.[

Diagram depicting a company acting as a managed service provider for other companies, managing their IT, security, application delivery, data storage, networking and other virtual services.

You get more than just lower costing and convenient IT applications from the managed service provider. By helping companies think strategically regarding cloud computing, the providers of cloud managed services help you avoid the pitfalls and to fully appreciate the advantages. However, everything cannot and should not migrate to the services of cloud management. A managed service provider would give proper guidance while assisting an organization in growing its caliber through the cloud.

A provider of the cloud managed services handle operations such as human resources, IT, vendor managing, and attainments that usually customers can’t see. Costs are anticipatable with the monthly fee being fix- an enterprise save-up resources by outsourcing many IT employees and avoiding any maintenance or repairs that are unplanned.

The expertise and adroitness of a managed IT service provider offers top-notch IT knowledge to small or medium category businesses they would not usually possess by themselves. This helps these organizations abide by government policies with lesser risk.

Other benefits include:

• Improved Security: Backup and recovery plans during any crisis. Network monitoring 24/7.

• Comprehensive Reporting: Concurrent monitoring of the whole infrastructure, which helps in tracking all the activities.